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Local Search Engine Optimisation.

The concept of Local Search Engine Optimisation won’t be new to you but the bigger question is - are you making the most of the businesses RIGHT on your doorstep here in Rochdale? Having a local SEO strategy to capture those valuable searches is an absolute no brainer as Google knows exactly who is looking for you at any given point - it just needs to know where to send them...

Local SEO Campaigns.

We’re all so familiar with SEO now, that we can easily forget what it actually involves. And when things are super simple, or super familiar, we can overlook how important those basics are. We’re perfectly aware how vast the internet is, but our own little watering hole – in this case Rochdale – is crammed full of potential customers looking for you so let’s take it down a notch. Let’s look at how just a few SEO techniques can get you ranking locally and capture far more of those organic search results.

Increase Your Online visibility .

Google processes a mighty 2 trillion searches daily, and a whopping 46% of those searches these days are local. Bear in mind that only 6% of traffic will come from sites on page 2 or lower in search results, and it all becomes crystal clear how important your local online presence is. 

This is where your business ears should REALLY prick up though…

Over 76% of people will visit a business within 

24 hours of finding it in local mobile searches.

We won’t overload you with stats, but let’s not play down their value. Unlike much of the rest of your business, the best part of online marketing is how much factual information you have at the tip of your fingers. No guessing. No fingers being crossed and hoping for the best.

You’ll be very familiar with Google’s infamous phrase – ‘Did you mean…?’

That line is very literally responsible for walking money into the banks of businesses like yours every day. Why? Because, in the online world, confusion is expensive. It’s a missed opportunity. But when Google knows what someone wants, it sure jumps through hoops to give it to them.

And the great news for you is that through the use of GPS data and IP addresses, Google also has the lowdown on where those valuable searchers are located. This is why local SEO is the very least you should have in place in your optimisation strategy as it could be you that Google is sending them to. 

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What is Local Search Engine Optimisation ?

Put simply, it’s making the very best use of local searches. For instance, when a local person wants to go out for a special meal, they’ll Google the best restaurant in town. If they were then presented with pages and pages of results in no particular order, they’d abort the mission and just go into town physically to do that.

Luckily for you, Google doesn’t do that. It might ask a question or two to ensure it is absolutely certain what they are looking for,before proudly offering all of their required information on page 1. 

Within nanoseconds of hitting ‘enter’, Google has verified the intent of the search terms, crawled the entire web, checked out trillions of Google My Business listings, local citations, websites and social media accounts. It has scanned all of the online copy and found any references regarding the local area. It has then scored all of those results using social media feedback and reviews, website speed and design, and the quality of the written content quality ensures the results they’re about to proudly display meet their expectations and are the highest quality.

We told you Google was jumping through hoops – that’s one hell of an act!

How Do we Attack a Local SEO Strategy ?

The insight that Google and search engines provide every single second, plays a massive part in getting you noticed. Researching the analytics of what’s actually popular and trending at any given point means we can collate all of that information and use it to optimise your website to get you ranking locally.

When you have a location-dependent business providing a product or service, using local SEO strategies to boost your online presence would be your bread and butter. But Google is much wiser now – you can’t just cram a few researched keywords and some half-hearted link-building at your website to optimise it these days. 

Google is like the mother-in-law of search results – if you give her absolutely anything to question, you’re not getting a look in. Hellcat’s optimisation techniques combine on-site and off-site methods to ensure that your site gets that essential approval and shows up whenever a local search takes place.

Local On-Site SEO.

Jumping back to that restaurant example for a moment, we explained how the search engines will check absolutely all of the online content for the keywords in that particular search. There’s SO much more involved, but the biggest piece here is the copy on your website and profiles. 

Search engines will thoroughly test and check the quality of that content via highly complex algorithms. Hellcat’s job is to make sure that the local pages on your site, or branch pages, are full of useful, high-quality local information to keep every single one of those search engine algorithms happy.

Every page on your website will be technically designed by Hellcat to alert the search engines that your website is where local users need to be. That when they are looking for products and services like yours, there’s a winning combo of information on your products, plus additional local information on your site to help with anything regarding location. Hellcat also checks the structure of your website, making sure there are no gaps in what your potential customers are looking for, as it isn’t just the optimisation you’re looking for – you want to know that traffic will convert into paying customers too once they’ve found you!

Local Off-site SEO .

With such a vast amount of local information available to people, a significant part of local SEO strategy is off-site. When Google is looking for trust signals to endorse your site, those will need to be external to it. It will search for quality references vouching for you and check how well connected your site is so we need to create a virtual mini web’ on the map. 

If there is a lack of  external outreach from your site to affirm that you’re currently an active business, with recent customer and local business interaction, Google deems your website to be more risky, so without that external verification in place, much of the on-site optimisation will be a wasted effort.

Optimising your Google My Business (GMB) listing properly, is an essential part of local off-site SEO strategy. Well optimised GMB listings where there is a listing in place for each of your locations gives Google additional confidence in your business and helps you rank in the Google Local Pack. Considering that in 93% of local searches, Google’s three pack is presented ahead of all of the local search results, it’s easy to see why this is one of the hoops you’d be crazy not to jump through.

Your online presence will also need to be endorsed via reviews, local press, social media profiles, detailing any other businesses you collaborate with – absolutely anything that is a positive tick in your box, needs to be a visible online tick. With the local SEO knowledge and experience that Hellcat has, we’ll ensure that all of the essential basics that have to be in place such as your name, address, and phone number are widely available absolutely anywhere that potential customers might try to find your business.

Every single search for businesses like yours results in local directories, maps and regional publications being searched, so the more of these you are featured in, the more confident Google is to present you centre stage.

Hellcat Puts Businesses On The Map!

We’ve shown you how we get you noticed. We keep things simple and don’t do jargon, we’re actual people here, ambitious and yes – we’re technical behind closed doors – but we’re real people who understand how effective SEO can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

If you’re looking for a salt of the earth SEO agency in Rochdale, that’s us. We know how to make your SEO strategy work to get you noticed within seconds in those valuable local searches. If you’d love to know more, get in touch and we’ll happily discuss your SEO campaign, website design and your optimisation options with you.

Should you have any questions regarding our local seo campaigns or wish to discuss options for your website, please contact our team today on 01706 482 051.

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