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The Hellcat Digital team are a creatively passionate bunch of SEO specialists providing an affordable target driven and measurable SEO service. No contracts. No hidden charges!

Hellcat Digital is the leading SEO agency in Bolton offering affordable results-driven driven services to brands looking to improve their online presence.

Our experience and technical approach to SEO separate our team from other digital marketing companies within the Northwest.  Why?  All clients within our portfolio have stayed with us since joining the Hellcat family. Their growth has contributed to our success!

We love our clients and this is reflected in the way we work as a company.

Build A Local Presence Today.

Choosing the right SEO agency can often be a time consuming and somewhat daunting affair, especially in Bolton, home to some of the biggest SEO agencies in the UK.

We work very closely with all clients, much more than other agencies that we have worked at or are aware of. This separates our agency as do the results that we generate.
We are so confident in our ability that we offer a guaranteed service – We set targets and if we do not hit them, we will offer the service for free until we do!

If you are looking for the best SEO agency in Bolton, you’ve just found them!
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Please find a selection of the most common SEO questions below. Should you require any additional information please feel free to contact our team directly.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of work designed to improve the performance and visibility (rankings) of a website on Google.
When a search has been conducted on Google the most relevant and authoritative pages are displayed based on a huge range of factors.
High-quality content and linking domains are two of the most important factors when looking to increase authority and rankings.


This is a difficult question to answer as no SEO campaign is the same. How competitive is the industry of your business? How much time are you able to allocate towards optimising your site? Do you operate over a local, regional or national level? The list goes on and on.
In our experience, a well-optimised website on a local or regional level will take between 4-6 months to start showing the client a return on investment (based on increased traffic to the site) and anywhere from 6-12 months for a national campaign. These are the timeframes that we work to as a basic guideline although full research is undertaken to give a better estimation.


This depends entirely on the nature of your business, for example, if you are a local restaurant owner based in Bolton you may only want to focus on driving custom based within a short distance from your location. In this instance, a local SEO campaign targeting Bolton would be ideal.
On the flip side, if you have an online business selling products to the UK, are a service provider operating nationally or have a chain of restaurants then a national SEO campaign would suit you.


As a company, Hellcat Digital charge £55.00 + vat per hour with an average local campaign being £600.00 per month and an average national campaign coming in at £1500.00 per month.

If you are a business owner looking to invest in an SEO professional we would advise that you budget for 4-6 months as this is a realistic amount of time to add value.

All pricing, targets and realistic ROI’s will be discussed in our first meeting.


Simply put, no!

No credible agency or company (outside of Google) will ever guarantee a first-place organic ranking. 99% of our clients rank on the first page for their desired keywords which we are extremely proud of yet we will not make any unrealistic guarantees as ultimately, your website ranking is down to Google.

We do make guarantees with site traffic and enquiries. Want to know more? Why not call Hellcat Digital today and have a sit down with one of the SEO team.


The simple answer is YES!

SEO is one of the best ways to generate traffic to a website. If your site is well-optimised you stand a great chance of ranking for your desired keywords and given that most people search for products and services on a daily basis, it makes sense to have your website appear as an option.

Can you generate more traffic for a site that already ranks well?

Again, the answer is Yes! Hellcat Digital work with many clients that have impressive rankings yet there are many ways to generate more traffic.
One instance is to use the blog to target keywords that may not be as competitive as your primary terms. These long-tailed search terms or secondary keywords have the power to significantly improve traffic.

The keyword ‘SEO Bolton’ has over 100 searches each month and makes sense that we should target this for our own benefit. We also top the rankings for ‘SEO’ Rochdale, Bury and Oldham which carry lower search volumes but contribute well as a secondary pack of keywords.

Why Choose Us?

Hellcat Digital has been set up specifically to help business owners in Bolton and the surrounding areas build an online presence worthy of local, regional and national domination.

Our team work closely with all clients, so much so that we spend time with each client once a month to go through all work undertaken in person.

On top of this are the below positives;

No contracts – No client will ever be tied into a contract. You only stay if you are happy!
Target driven – We set monthly and quarterly targets. If they are not met you don’t pay! No other SEO agency in Bolton will do this.
Affordable – All services offered by our team are affordable. Your monthly fee with Hellcat Digital will only rise upon agreed results. Whether you are a sole trader or a national retailer, we can help!
Passionate – We each love our job, have an amazing team and have a great relationship with all clients. The more we get to know a business, the better the results.
Designated account manager – Your account manager will be there for you from day one and work closely with you throughout each month. Your account manager will also go through all work undertaken and documented in the monthly report in person. This is to explain our service in full detail and discuss any questions you may have.
Ethical approach – All SEO campaigns are ethical and are safe from penalties. We have a keen emphasis on content creation and safe link building tactics. No client on our roster has ever received a penalty! We are transparent with every campaign.

Our SEO services guarantee success!
The Right SEO Agency For Your Business!

When it comes to selecting the right SEO agency, especially in Bolton, you can be forgiven for finding the whole process a daunting and time-consuming experience.
This is why our team take the time to send a detailed site audit and proposal before we arrange to have a sit down. Once happy, we will invite you to meet with our team so that you can go through all of the details in person and gain a better insight into how we help our other clients.

We have a keen emphasis on delivering results and forging a solid relationship as we do not tie customers into length contracts. You only stay with us providing you are happy with the results that we generate.

Affordable SEO For Business Owners in Bolton.

Our SEO campaigns are affordable and incredibly effective and start from as little as £500.00 + Vat per month.

We keep the costs low to start as a campaign can take a little time to start generating a significant increase in traffic, enquiries and new business.

This is why we agree on performance targets that allow a client to pay more upon results. This is why we feel our SEO agency is one of the most desirable in Bolton and the Northwest.

Whether you want to target local or national custom, our services will get you there!

Need a new website? No problem. Our web design team can either create or redesign a site to ensure that the build is current, responsive and able to compete in the most competitive of markets.
All sites are geared up for a marketing campaign and built around user experience.

If you’re looking for the best SEO agency in Bolton, you’ve just found them!

Our SEM services will ensure that your website is found!