Best SEO Agency in Montreal

Long story short, I have recently started looking around the planet to measure the capabilities of agencies around the world. Obviously the team at Hellcat want to be the best of the best, but being limited to servicing the UK, we’re doing analysis on who we believe are the best agencies in major cities around the world. The criteria of who we believe the best agency in their city comes down to a few key points:

Customer Service

For us, one of the most important things about being an SEO agency comes down to customer service and making sure that the client is walked through the entire SEO process. It is vital that they understand the key deliverables and have realistic expectations that they can hold the agency to. Saying that, it is also imperitivate that the agency also gets the perspective of the business that they are helping – SEO is a massive investment that can make or break a business. Finding this balance in a business relationship is how we measure a fantastic SEO agency – and that’s how we’ve allocated these points.

Agency Rankings

It’s all good and well to promise a company they will rank high on search engines – but if it is so good for business then why don’t these agencies rank themselves? A massive part of the scoring is how high the agency or freelancer ranks for ‘SEO in Montreal’. This can be in the form of ‘consultant, agency or freelancer’.

Client Rankings

In the criteria, we have asked agencies to provide case studies on how well they have helped other businesses. We’ve gone through the results and run the client sites through tools like majestic, ahrefs, Moz and semrush. We’ve looked at how an SEO has helped fundamentally transformed a business through SEO and it’s been a massive part of the scoring.

Pricing & Return on Investment:

Obviously the price of SEO has to yeild a massive ROI. To score points in this category the agency has to showcase a clear ROI and stuck to impressive KPI’s to be considered the best SEO agency in Montreal. The scores from this section will also be heavily weighted – and was the actual tie breaker when deciding the winner….

The Winner of Best SEO in Montreal Is……

It goes without saying that the best SEO Specialist in Montreal is Mohammed from Mozalami. There was some really tight competition – but just how he shone through in every category really left the result without question. It is therefore our recommendation that if you’re looking for an SEO consultant in the Montreal area that you contact him.