About Hellcat Digital

We do things differently here.


Hellcat Digital like to do things differently.

Our team of Hellcats play video games, listen to metal music whilst working, have tattoos and struggle when it comes to talking to members of the opposite sex, everything that you want in a digital marketing geek!

The team are slightly mad, drink far too much coffee yet know how to have fun doing something that we all love.

We are passionate, driven and borderline obsessed with results and that is why our customers do not leave!

If you are reading this and have a genuine interest in succeeding online, you have come to the right place.

You are a phone call away from growing your business significantly!

Hellcat Digital are a team of experienced web designers able to work on projects of all sizes.
Hellcat Digital provide a range of web design services to clients all over Rochdale and the North West.


Our vision is simple, we want to have an 80’s themed office where we can play arcades, shoot some pool and watch old movies. If you combine the films Tron and Wolf of Wall Street you are on the right path!

A fun and somewhat crazy environment go a long way towards keeping a happy team. A happy team is a productive team which is why our company is starting to grow at an impressive rate.

Your success goes hand in hand with our success which is why we have such good relationships with our clients.